Recently, there have been so many changes with the rapidly evolving technology and the pandemic, but something hasn’t been included – the frontline workers. This always leads to problems as your frontline workers are the ones customers contact, and if they are not in the loop, you’ll only create a bad customer experience.

“Sometimes, frankly, they are the last ones to know.”

It’s crucial now more than ever to keep your employees in the loop not only for the customers but also for the workers’ morale. You can only create more problems for the entire company if you don’t, which is why Jeannie and Adam will discuss how to solve this widespread issue.

They can be brand-damaging and employee morale-damaging.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The problem of not including the frontline workers in all the changes within companies
  • Upstream vs. downstream information
  • The importance of keeping employees informed
  • How to keep your frontline workers in the loop

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