Everyone says they’re customer centric. But what does that really mean? We dissect the buzzword and show you concrete, real-world examples of truly customer-centric brands. On top of that, we share various tactics that you can leverage to ensure you’re leading the customer-centric transformation at your organization.


  • What it means to be customer centric
  • How to become customer centric
  • How to use customer intelligence to drive business decisions


Ramon Ray talks to us about how important customer experience is for small businesses. He is an entrepreneur himself and has started a total of four companies, successfully selling two of them. He is the founder of, an in-demand global speaker, and author of several books, including Celebrity CEO, a book about personal branding.

“Technology amplifies the experience DNA of any company, be it small or large.”

– Ramon Ray

Technology is the biggest part of improving the experience today, and Ramon has a lot of valuable advice he can give us like how you could utilize IT support and services in your business too. He explains how to determine which technology you need and gives you some advice he’s learned as a small business owner himself. As an organization, it is important to have solid IT support to rely on. Most firms find themselves being victims to cybersecurity and phishing attacks because of this. For those seeking to expand their business, engaging with an it consulting company of repute or employing qualified individuals, could be a prudent decision. This option can at least safeguard the company’s assets from outsiders or competitors, and prevent them from being exposed to any kind of cyberattacks. Also, there are a lot of tools and resources available to the small business owner, to start it up and enable it to take off. For example, you can access small business loans florida area or in fact, wherever you are located. Something that you can use to get your small business off the ground. However, technology is the real key to the success of small businesses. If I could start you off with a small example of payment gateway options! Having a fully functional and efficient payment gateway (such as and others) for the online transactions of your business is an essential aspect of owning an online small business so that your customers do not face any difficulty while buying your products.

“How can I find a couple of people each week who are the highest level of fans and make their experience that much better?”

– Ramon Ray

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why do so many small companies not put enough priority on the experience?
  • The relation between hiring the right people and the technology the organization uses
  • How to know which technology you need for the company and whether you need it at all
  • How Ramon improves the experience of people coming to his live events
  • Ramon’s one thing small businesses need to do to improve customer experience

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