Crack the Customer Code is back! Jeannie and Adam are back with us again after a long pause since October 2020. However, they weren’t idle, and they bring with them a lot of changes and improvements to the show you’re bound to love!

“We are moving to a seasonal model. We’ll try being on and off for a while, and this is the beginning of a new season.”

The show is all about helping leaders be better, offer better customer service, and grow together with their customers. The new and improved Crack the Customer Code should help you with all of that, especially with anything new in the world that can affect you.

“It’s been a transformative year. We’ll talk about what that’s meant for customer experience; there’s no going around it.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The new format of the show
  • What Jeannie and Adam have in store for you moving forward
  • What kind of new guests will appear in the new season

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