It’s time for another one of Adam and Jeannie’s famous bourbon summits! What’s more, this will also be a very special episode. That’s because a significant change is coming for Crack The Customer Code, and this episode will tell you all you need to know before they hit the ground running.

“We are making a few changes that we think will provide a different way to experience Crack The Customer Code.”

Fear not! Everything is bound to change for the better, even though massive improvements are coming. So, join in us in this special episode of Crack The Customer Code to learn what Adam and Jeannie are preparing for you.

“We really want to put a little more energy into the quality of each episode.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Changes coming for the show’s content
  • Changes to the release schedule of the podcast
  • The added value the podcast will bring to the listeners

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