An actual award-winning rockstar, James Dodkins, is our guest on this episode. He used to play guitar in a heavy metal band, releasing albums and tearing up stages all over the world. He then used this unique experience to energize, empower, and inspire his clients as a ‘Customer Experience Rockstar.’ Not only is he an international keynote speaker, #1 Best Selling Author, and host of Amazon Prime’s This Week In CX, James is also the UK’s #1 Customer Experience Influencer.

James is here to talk about proactive experience recovery and how being proactive in CX matters more than merely fixing the issues your customers have. The results you can provide for your customers by being proactive are astonishing, and James is here to tell us how that can work, and what the exact ROI on this unique form of problem-solving can be.

“It goes a long way when a company offers compensation without the customer having to ask.”

– James Dodkins

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What is proactive experience recovery?
  • How can leaders identify the moments when they need to be proactive?
  • The “true” definition of what customer experience is
  • How James uses different lenses to help companies
  • How to measure Return on Experience Investment (RoXI)

“If you’re only fixing problems for the 4% of people that do complain, you’re missing a massive opportunity.”

– James Dodkins

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