Are we ready to come back to the office? Or do most of us still want to stay working from home for the time being? You will hear a lot about what the research says and some advice for companies and leaders.

“Every single organization will have to make different decisions.”

The one thing we’ve learned about 2020 is that we could never have predicted the year. It’s going to be hard for each company to make a concrete decision about the future. The good thing is that not everyone will have to make the same decision, and it will depend on what your situation is and what the customer wants.

“Customers are now demanding different ways of shopping, and they’ve gotten really used to it.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What the research says about employees wanting to stay home.
  • What will happen with the whole work-from-home culture when the pandemic ends?
  • Should all employees return to the office?
  • Why it’s important to start thinking about returning to the office as early as now.

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