Very few of us went to kindergarten, saying, “I want to be a CX professional!” That’s why it’s fascinating to delve into how some of us went into this business. Clare Muscutt has one of those stories you’ll want to know about for its sheer distinctiveness. She is recognized as one of the most prominent and valued millennial voices in CX. She is an international consultant, keynote speaker, and soon to be the author of the book ‘How to be Awesome at CX’’.

“Imagine the management team, all these older guys, and little 23-year-old female manager coming out with all these amazing results.”

– Clare Muscutt

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Clare got into CX
  • Examples of Clare’s projects that garnered excellent results
  • Where CX is heading according to Clare
  • Should CX leaders work as CEOs as well?
  • Clare’s vision for women in CX

After holding several CX leadership roles in FTSE 100 organizations, she founded her own customer experience design-based consultancy firm, CMXperience. Clare Muscutt is a leader of the women in the CX community and host of the podcast ‘Inspiring Women in CX.’ She has also been recognized as the 2020 UK Top Female Influencer by CX Magazine and has received numerous awards for her impressive commercial results.

“Everybody has to take responsibility and accountability for the experience.”

– Clare Muscutt

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