How much of our personal selves should we bring to our professional life? It’s an exciting topic to explore, one that we’ll delve deeply into with our guest – John Garrett, a thought provoker, a catalyst for culture change, and author. He is on a mission to create better workplaces by asking his audience, “What’s your And?”

His research shows that when leaders foster working environments that permit individuals to be unique amongst their peers, they achieve better business outcomes. John Garrett encourages teams to share their hobbies and passions at work because they comprise the very heart of their organization’s culture and attract some great clients along the way.

“You-did-it-right is the lowest bar there is.”

– John Garrett

Your career should be more than the good old I’m-doing-the-work. It should be about forming real relationships and showing another side of you that’s different from the professional side. In this episode, we’ll talk a lot about trust, relationships, human connections, etc. They matter more in the realm of business than many care to admit.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to create connections with colleagues and clients beyond the scope of work
  • How to differentiate yourself from competitors to get better clients
  • How to view differentiation from a category perspective
  • The importance of trust and human connections in business

“If they know and trust you, they will buy from you even if they know your product is inferior.”

– John Garrett

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