The fact is that there is a lot less business in the retail sector as of late due to the whole global pandemic situation, but there are a lot more viral stories about retail. Many of these stories are negative, but we’re not going to delve too deep into that. So, we talk about how leaders can support their retail employees in this angry world.

“There are a lot more viral and a lot less retail.”

As these situations are more common today, it would be beneficial for leaders to know how to respond and how to prepare their employees in advance. We hope you won’t need this advice, but we do believe you should have it!

“You don’t want your employees to come to work living in fear.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The growing occurrence of viral stories from the retail sector
  • What employees can do if the customers don’t want to obey the rules in retail
  • How leaders can support their employees in these situations
  • What other industries do and how can that be used in retail
  • How leaders can communicate with the employees and address the situation

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