We haven’t discussed inclusive customer experience on this podcast, so we are excited to talk to our guest today – Stephanie Thum, as that’s one of the main things she specializes in. She is a Certified Customer Experience Professional who started in the CX profession for the B2B market. Many people know her as one of the U.S. Federal government’s first agency-level heads of customer experience.

“There are no magic fixes, but every company can do better!”

– Stephanie Thum

She’s also been part of the headquarters team of the Customer Experience Professionals Association and served as the chief adviser for federal customer experience at Qualtrics. There she worked with governments around the world on CX-related initiatives and imperatives. Recently, she founded her own consultancy called Practical CX.

Being inclusive matters a lot, so we hope that today’s discussion will offer you a lot of exciting and useful information you can put into practice.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How can you interweave inclusive practices into a CX mindset at the highest levels of a company?
  • The ROI of closing the experience gap for all customers
  • Everything Stephanie recommends for companies to do to become more inclusive in these turbulent times
  • What the recent statistics say about customer experience and inclusiveness
  • The importance of feedback

“Customer experience is all about communication, and so many customers get their first impression of you based on your website.”

– Stephanie Thum

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