Companies have already started adding surcharges because of COVID-19. Companies, especially restaurants, are adding these surcharges as they believe it’s a way to recuperate some of their losses. Naturally, some customers are OK with this, but others aren’t. Are these surcharges good or bad for CX?

“Any type of extra charge is always a customer service and customer experience challenge.”

Sometimes, surcharges are necessary. But is that the case now with our current situation? And if it is, how should companies approach them and explain them to their customers? Jeannie and Adam have some opinions on the matter!

“You have to know your customer base and how they’re going to respond.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What are COVID-19 surcharges?
  • Are the new extra charges good or bad for CX?
  • Transparency with surcharges – what’s good and what isn’t
  • Is fine print fine in surcharge situations like these?

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