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How do you roll out the red carpet for your customers? It’s the type of customer service every customer wants, and Donna Cutting is here to talk about how you can manage it. She is the founder and CEO of Red Carpet Learning Systems, a training firm that helps organizational leaders build cultures of happy team members delivering excellent service. She’s the author of The Celebrity Experience and 501 Ways to Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Customers – an Amazon bestseller. Donna was also recently named one of the top 30 global customer service gurus.

“Rolling out the red carpet is all about showing the customer that they matter.”

– Donna Cutting

Donna has made an effort to give precise advice to many leaders who don’t know how to ensure their customers are properly cared for. She offers specific “Red Carpet” steps for leaders. This is far more important today than it was only a few months ago, so tune in to learn how to roll out the red carpet for all of your customers!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Where the idea for the red carpet theory came from
  • Donna’s three favorite ways to roll out the red carpet
  • How Donna handles the digital red carpet
  • What can leaders do to boost morale in these troubled times

“It’s not rocket science. There’s a difference between knowing and showing it!”

– Donna Cutting

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