The remote work era is here to stay, and this has become perfectly clear during the last few months. But there are still important things you need to consider.

“We’ve seen a shift, one that’s going to have some permanence to it in certain areas.”

There are five new considerations in this new world of remote work, and you have to consider them if you want to continue providing an excellent service to your customers. Remember, it’s all about the customer experience, but you still need to consider the new norm for your employees. We discuss what you can do to improve the lives of your teams and your customers.

What happens inside of your organization will be reflected on the outside.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How remote work became prevalent in the last few months
  • Mapping the employee experience today
  • The importance of proper digital communication
  • What we need to do differently for the customer
  • The importance of understanding the new normal of your employees

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