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There is always a gap between theory and practice of the customer journey. Our guest, Michel Feaster, is here to talk about that very gap and how to close it. Her enterprise software career spans more than 20 years, with roles in sales, product, strategic marketing, and general management. She founded and now leads Usermind, but before that, Michel was VP of products at Apptio, where she drove product strategy, defined the category and discipline of Technology Business Management, and helped grow the company from 30 to almost 400 employees.

“In operationalizing journeys, we need to bring to life the experiences we all imagined but didn’t have the software to deliver.”

– Michel Feaster

Michel is well aware of the faster pace most companies are opting for to survive these times and advance. She is here to tell us how organizations can change and reach a new level of innovation, the level they only discussed in the past, but never got to the point of putting it into practice. By doing that, they can adopt technologies faster and improve in ways they only imaged.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How organizations can go from mapping and measuring, to operationalizing customer journeys
  • How Michel gets organizations with a product-first mentality to operationalize the customer experience
  • Where are journey maps now and where Michel recommends companies should take them
  • Three approaches Michel recommends for companies to take if they are to innovate successfully
  • Michel’s recommendations for companies that want to take a slower approach to innovation

“Bring one or two customer journeys to life, and when you see the impact on the metrics, you won’t go back, you’ll only want to do more.”

– Michel Feaster

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