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We recently spoke about lenses in a recent guest episode, and now Bernadette Smith is here to talk about the lenses through which we view each other. Bernadette started 14 Stories in 2004, an award-winning wedding planning firm that specializes in LGBTQ weddings. Her goal was to disrupt this mostly heteronormative industry and get it to start including all couples.

Many years later, she has expanded to consult the airline, finance, insurance, health care, and many other industries. Bernadette has spoken at many notable global events like the World Education Congress and was sought after by recognizable publications like the New York Times, and many others.

“We don’t always take the time to see each customer as an individual.”

– Bernadette Smith

We are all individuals, and we are all different, and those differences need to be valued and respected. Bernadette knows that and actively promotes this view, which is why she’s here to help us understand what diversity means and how organizations need to handle it.

She will also talk about the first ‘baby steps’ leaders can take to become proactive about diversity. It’s an important topic, and we all need to discuss it, so join us and let’s talk about it together!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Significant diversity sensitivities that customer service teams need to be aware of
  • What you need to know about the diversity problem at Starbucks and how it was handled
  • How to recover after committing an unconscious bias
  • How to help leaders who are not personally faced with diversity problems, genuinely understand the concept and change their organizations accordingly
  • Are customers proactive about the diversity issues they might have?

“Over 60% of workers hide something about themselves at work.”

– Bernadette Smith

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