Jeannie is flying solo today, and she wants to discuss how you can make room for the short-term and urgent things while trying to achieve long-term goals. This is especially important today, in the crazy world we’ve been living for the past few weeks. What’s more, it’s especially true in the world of CX.

“We have long-term visions for customer service initiatives because we want to improve the customer experience.”

Long-term visions are still critical in CX, but short-term goals can’t be ignored. That’s especially true when there is a sense of short-term urgency.

It’s an important question that arises more often than one would like in CX, but there are still ways to deal with it. And Jeannie has a few ideas that can help. The keyword here is ‘trust,’ but there’s a lot more that you need to consider. Tune in and listen to some truly helpful ideas Jeannie has about this challenge in the CX sphere.

“People are reaching out to you, asking for help, and you have not even identified the problem. What do you do?”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s essential to make room for short-term and urgent things while working towards long-term goals
  • What to do when something urgent comes up, and you are not even aware of where the problem lies
  • Why it’s important to take advantage of documentation-for-all when urgent things come up
  • What about short term wins?

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