Technology comes and goes, new products are created, and after a while, they disappear as they’ve become obsolete. People get excited about them all the time, and so do businesses and leaders. And just as we make mistakes about new technologies, especially in the way we apply it, so do companies.

“One thing I can say for sure is that all new technology is overhyped.”

Sometimes customers are not ready for new technology, nor do they want it. The best example is in customer support, and that’s precisely what Adam and Jeannie discuss in this episode of Crack the Customer Code. We’ve prepared many interesting points about the adoption of new technologies and whether or not everything that can be used should be used.

We tend to assume that our customers want the latest and greatest ways of working through technology.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Is new technology always overhyped?
  • How new technology affects businesses and customers
  • Is the latest technology always good in customer support, or is it sometimes overkill?
  • New technologies in customer support that are yet to become important
  • What the numerous studies say about new technologies and their adoption

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