In this solo episode with Jeannie Walters, she talks about siloes – the often discussed term in the business world, and especially in customer experience. They are such a vital problem today that we often talk about them as the mortal enemy of excellent customer experience. Even though that’s entirely true, Jeannie wants to make a case about how we often talk about siloes, but we rarely do anything to truly fix them. We fail in this endeavor because we don’t look at them in the way we should.

“A lot of the times, the customer journeys are designed around our internal organizational charts.”

Jeannie teaches you how to start considering siloes in a different light and not in the usual way we do all the time. So, tune in to this Jeannie-centric episode of Crack the Customer Code and learn how you can bust those siloes and become the next disruptor in your industry!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The problem of siloes and how it hinders great customer experience
  • The definition of siloes
  • How to fix siloes through data integration
  • How to find ways of busting siloes in each department

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