Customer experience is continuously evolving today. What’s more, the use of technology goes hand in hand with it. As a direct consequence of this, the role of the chief technology officer or the CTO is completely changing. That’s not affecting only a couple of company types, but all of them.

With all of these changes, more demands are placed on the tech teams, yet they are still not included in the bigger picture. Technology teams are not involved in the discussions on customer experience, even though a big part of it is precisely technology. We feel that this needs to start changing as so few areas within the entire customer journey are non-digital today.

“The customer experience is demanding more technology, more ways to have digital experiences, and more omnichannel options for customers.”

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It’s essential to start collaborating to provide the best service for the customers. Join us in this episode of Crack the Customer Code where Jeannie and Adam will discuss how all of this can work.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The continuous evolution of the customer experience and the role of technology.
  • Why companies need to include the technology department in customer experience discussions.
  • How to look at the short term, and help the customer in their journey now, and then later move toward the long term digital transformation.
  • The problems that prevent CTOs and other tech people from being included in the customer journey.

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