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Our guest today is Stan Phelps, a long time friend, who is once again joining us on the show. We are going to continue our talk about the goldfish series. Today, it’s time for the Pink Goldfish, his and co-author Dave Rendall’s latest book. But what is the pink goldfish?

It’s all about embracing what’s weird and amplifying what’s weak in your business. Like Buckley cough syrup, the company that embraced the fact that their cough syrup tastes terrible – like all cough syrups. They rolled with what makes them bad, and people loved them for it! Stan tells us through his book that this is possible for any business. He explains through the seven different types of pink goldfish.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Stan Phelps and Dave Rendall’s new book dubbed the Pink Goldfish and the central concept behind it.
  • The F.L.A.W.S.O.M. concept that helps businesses embrace their flaws and use them to their advantage.
  • The example of a hotel called Magic Castle from Southern California, and how they become flawsom.
  • The key takeaway from the book.

“It’s the idea of differentiation through experience and how you put your brand forward.”

– Stan Phelps
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The F.L.A.W.S.O.M. concept is unique, and each letter represents one of the seven types that can help you become exceptional. They can enable you to truly captivate your customers and thus improve your business. Stan is here to talk about this in the newest episode of Crack the Customer Code. Join us if you’re interested in knowing more!

“They are based on the fact that your flaws actually hold the key to what makes you awesome, or as we call it ‘flawsom’ in the book.”

– Stan Phelps
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