Is the customer journey dead? According to an article in CMS Wire titled The Customer Journey is Over, it is. However, is that truly the case? Is the customer journey surely over, or is the article just an inflated with a catchy title? Or maybe it’s something completely different…

“The customer journey is not dead; it’s evolving; it’s changing.”

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It’s not as simple as the article suggests. It’s not just the marketing and sales part; there’s much more the journey. Many nuances define the customer journey. What’s more, it’s an ever-changing thing, and we feel there’s more to it than what the article suggests.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What some others are suggesting about the customer journey and what we think about it.
  • Is the customer journey simple, or is it complex?
  • How the customer journey is evolving and changing today.
  • Why the customer journey still matters a lot.

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