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The sports fan experience is so much more than it used to be. Now it involves the game, the food, comfort at the stadium, and a lot more. It has changed significantly, and it’s no longer only about seeing your favorite team win. Fans are buying merchandise left, right, and center, they become ingrained in the sport, consistently refreshing the online gws giants shop to see when the latest kit has emerged or bookmarking the fansite for the latest news.

On this episode we talk with Bill Guertin, a man known in the sports industry as the ‘800-pound gorilla of sales performance’. He has experience with more than 100 pro teams across North America and Mexico and has written two successful books about sales, service, and marketing. Bill is here to talk to us about the importance of fan experience and how it’s more similar to overall customer experience than you might think.

“It’s a representative template that can be applied to so many experiences and products.”

– Bill Guertin
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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The evolution of sports fan experience. How it got to where the entire experience matters, not just the game itself.
  • Sporting events and how teams are treating the fan experience today.
  • How are minor league teams finding ways to counteract the surge in prices and make things more affordable for their fans?
  • What will happen to teams and brands when so few can afford the live experience?
  • What are teams overlooking when it comes to fan experience and how to be authentic with the help of Bill’s Four Laws of Authenticity.

Everything about sports has become more expensive, and the entire sporting event has changed. It’s barely about watching your team win because we all want so much more from sports. It’s the element of uncertainty and surprise that sport can offer that keeps bringing fans back for more, week in and week out. From seeing the underdogs beat the best teams in the league, to placing bets through the likes of Indiana Sports Betting sites, the industry is always evolving, and it always offers fans the opportunity to get involved. There are so many lessons here, especially Bill’s example about the Jets and how they found a unique way of making their fans happy.

“Customer experience has to be as good as humanly possible to attract more fans.”

– Bill Guertin
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