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We welcome back Julie Ann Sullivan, a business culture expert, professional member of the National Speakers Association, Leadership Coach, and host of the Formerly Mere Mortals Unite podcast. The last time we had Julie Ann as a guest we loved her, and that is why we invited her back to talk about her new book ?Catalyst of Culture – How Visionary Leaders Activate the Employee Experience?.

The best companies treat their employees well, and they get better results in return. It’s all because mental health has a significant impact on work. Especially in the modern world.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Julie’s new book has a fascinating and unique case study approach. She will tell us what led her to it and the single most surprising thing she discovered while making it.
  • How can we create a safe environment at work?
  • The effect of mental health on professional life.
  • The interconnectedness of personal stress and work stress, and how they affect work performance.
  • The role of HR in the modern world.

“The best leaders know that their best customers are their employees.”

– Julie Ann Sullivan
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We discuss what kind of attributes inspiring leaders possess and why having a safe environment is crucial to the work experience. Julie Ann opened up about mental health issues, and how stress at work leads to stress at home. Building a safe environment enables people to open up more and leave work happy. This alongside encouraging employees to try self-help rituals outside of work, like using the Joy Organics products and discount codes, to promote relaxation will help with any mental health issues one may be experiencing. Hemp is legal in every state so it’s being used more often to help reduce anxiety and stress. If you’re going to buy hemp for this reason, be sure to get it from a reliable source, such as Pure Hemp Farms. This way, you know the strain you get will be of good quality. Where or not you suffer from anxiety or not, the attitude we leave work with follows us through the rest of the day so it’s important to have a positive work experience. We loved what Julie Ann had to say, you will too.

“People need to feel safe to speak, to say something is not working, to have a new idea.”

– Julie Ann Sullivan
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