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Leena Rinne is FranklinCovey’s vice president of consulting. She has been with FranklinCovey for over 13 years and has worked with hundreds of organizations to develop great leaders and create organizational greatness. Leena has a master’s degree in economics from the University of Utah. She is the coauthor of The Wall Street Journal bestseller, “The 5 Choices” and the recent “Leading Loyalty, Cracking the Code to Customer Devotion”.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How loyalty should be defined
  • Some ways that organizations and individuals can inspire loyalty
  • The difference between loyalty of convenience and true loyalty
  • How do we get to a place where we create loyalty that is meaningful
  • How to engage with team members to model and teach the behaviors that create loyalty

Leena talks us through a fantastic approach; “always treat your employees the way you would want them to treat your very best customer.” If we think about our best customers and the way we would want our employees to engage with those best customers, then just evaluate if this is how we are treating our own employees? Consider if we need to make any shifts to treat our employees the way we would want them to treat our best customers. Then we start to create a culture where people are really focused on the behaviors that build loyalty, and they in turn feel loyalty themselves.

“There’s more emotion than we might like to admit when it comes to purchasing decisions.”

– Leena Rinne
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There are hundreds of things that you can do to build loyalty, and they sit under three main principles; empathy, ownership and generosity. Maybe do a little bit of self reflection, look in the mirror and say, “OK, are we aligned with these principles that build loyalty or are we stuck on the KPI that’s limiting loyalty? Leena expresses that reflection, getting a baseline is probably the most important thing a leader could do.

“70% of what creates loyalty in customers is the touch points that they have with that front line.”

– Leena Rinne
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