About Barry Kirk

Barry is a 15-year marketing consultant specializing in customer loyalty and retention. He is the creator of the The Multi-Loyalty Framework for human engagement and a frequent speaker on the idea that “Consumers are human beings first.” Barry currently serves as the VP of Strategy for Maritz Loyalty, where he guides brands in their evolution from traditional loyalty programs to more immersive Loyalty Experiences.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What’s wrong with how brands are approaching loyalty
  • What many brands are doing wrong today with customer data
  • The four key types of loyalty
  • If companies have to apply certain strategies based on the types of loyalty.

There is a difference between customer experience, which is what’s happening today, and loyalty experience, which asks what’s going to happen tomorrow. The real challenge is to bring loyalty programs into the modern marketing age.

“What most companies don’t realize is that loyalty isn’t binary, it’s not either just on or off.”

– Barry Kirk
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Loyalty programs in the past have been transactional. Data suggest that this is fatiguing for customers. They have been in front of us for such a long time now, that at some point we don’t pay any attention to them anymore. The real need is to explore different ways to engage customers with brands that don’t look the same as what we’ve been seeing since the 80’s.

“Loyalty is when they stay, when they actually have a choice.”

– Barry Kirk
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Are customers looking for more points or more experience? Make sure you’re giving them what they want to keep them with your brand because more points doesn’t always mean more loyalty.

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