About Louis Carter

Louis Carter, CEO and president of Best Practice Institute, a benchmark research consortium association and management consulting firm that helps organizations and C-Suite Senior executives achieve their market strategy through talent and change management joins our dynamic duo to talk about the importance of being emotionally connected.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • About the two important things included in emotional intelligence; empathy and emotional regulation
  • How to bring emotional intelligence to a new level
  • How to assist, connect with, and really listen to clients and/or coworkers
  • Whether companies who use emotional ads to connect with customers are acting out of emotional authenticity

Louis explains how emotional advertizing works because on a basic level, customers love a good story, sharing in the history, and seeing the worth of a product through it, enabling them to believe in something greater than themselves.

“Focusing on one goal is key; ask stakeholders, how well am I doing, what am I doing well and what can I do better?”

– Louis Carter
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We learn how to make a case to convince “hard-driving” CEO types to focus on emotional connectedness. Louis explains that it all comes down to Sentiment Analysis, going deep into relationships and really knowing the person you’re dealing with, which helps you to build a deeper connection and avoid conflict.

“Whoever said emotions have no place in business could be wrong on so many levels.”

– Louis Carter
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