About Jeff Gothelf

Jeff Gothelf is the Principal of gothelf.co He helps organizations build better products, and executives build the cultures that build better products. Jeff is the co-author of the award-winning book, Lean UX and the Harvard Business Review Press book, Sense & Respond. Starting off as a software designer, Jeff now works as a coach, consultant and keynote speaker helping companies bridge the gap between business agility, digital transformation, product management and human-centred design. Most recently Jeff co-founded Sense & Respond Press, a publishing house for practical business books for busy executives.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between human centered design and design thinking
  • How to convert insights gained from an experiment into actionable data that leadership will pay attention to
  • How to balance innovation vs using feedback and data to design
  • Why Jeff is not a fan of innovation labs

Jeff explains the differences between Human Centered Design and Design Thinking and how these are applied to solving business problems, to find out whether we are truly building something of value for them.

“Customers will never tell you they want an iPod, they’ll tell you they want to carry music with them on the go.”

– Jeff Gothelf
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We learn how companies can convert insights gained from experiments into actionable data. Jeff believes that the most challenging part this process is taking the risk in making the change needed in implementing these learnings into new customer experiences. Applying these changes initially on a sample population, which reduces the risk, is the key to mitigating these changes.

“If you’re going to structure some kind of innovation in your organization, you need patience!”

– Jeff Gothelf
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The challenge is crossing the line between asking and understanding what customers want and creating a need for the customer. This sparks a profound discussion on the failure of innovation labs that stem from an imbalance it creates within a company. Jeff explains that trick is to have a clear plan about what happens to ideas that work, adding that the companies with the most success with innovation labs are those who give some type of equity and ownership to those responsible.

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