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Lee Smith is the CEO and founder of SalesFuel, a Columbus, Ohio based firm that was named one of the top 15 sales enablement vendors in 2019 by Selling Power. Through its unique portfolio of sales tools, training and intelligence, SalesFuel provides thousands of sales teams nationwide with the power to sell smarter, providing further value to their accounts, standing out from competition and attracting a higher level of talent and clientele. He’s a C-Suite network advisor and cohost of the popular Manage Smarter podcast. When not planning SalesFuel’s next breakthrough tool or advising his clients, you can find him on his bicycle, raising money for Cancer Research and other charitable organizations with his team, the Honey Badgers.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How having your sales people be a part of the cultural fit is important
  • How to make sales an impactful part of the customer experience, rather than just transactional
  • What the role should be of a sales person in the customer journey
  • The one thing that sales people get wrong a lot
  • What Lee is doing to improve leadership and hire the right people

Lee Smith stresses the importance putting sales first on your customer journey, saying that the successful and proper use of your product or service is the solution. This is where the salesperson comes in with the human element in giving customers that push. It doesn’t stop there though, getting the best representative means getting the right fit for your company, one who cares about the company, the product and the customers. As Lee puts it, “no one’s gonna listen unless they know that you care”.

“Your product or service is not really a solution, it’s the successful and proper use of your product or service that is the solution.”

– Lee Smith
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Leadership is a big part of getting the right people and making sure that they are successful. How can leaders connect the dots between what sales looks like for the company and how this fits in to the whole customer journey? If you improve the representative, you improve one person, but if you improve the leadership, you improve the whole team.

“You can improve one sales person, but if you improve leadership then you can improve a whole team.”

– Lee Smith
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Leaders can provide incentives that not only produce sales but improves the whole customer experience and journey. Lee challenges us to really look into what behavior companies are actually incentivizing. He notes, “outcome leads to income”, from which Jeannie contributes how this gives emphasis on relationship rather that the transaction.

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