In this episode, Jeannie and Adam discuss how when we need a connection, we create that connection, even with a car! These kinds of connections that people create are becoming more and more prevalent with the rise of technology. Jeannie cites examples of technology that allow us to interact with service providers through avatars, or other types of artificial intelligence. They become powerful tools for humanity to keep an eye on each other more and Jeannie adds that there could be ways we connect with screens in the future that we’re not anticipating today.

We’ve seen this technology with hotels and convention centers, providing directions and other menial tasks, but what’s more interesting is when we see its effect in healthcare. Jeannie tells us stories of how healthcare providers are using avatars to connect with clients; from something as simple as providing a “trained” companion, to something more complex as providing monitoring and professional consultations.

Adam notes on the difference between transactional and relational, adding that with this, the more time we spend, the more interactions, the more emotional connections, the more moments we have, the more connection there is. These technologies are helping us build deeper relationships with clients and Jeannie believes this might be a great approach to really connect with people in ways where otherwise they might not have the opportunity to connect.

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