It’s pretty accepted that employee experience and culture reflect the customer experience and vice versa. But how do the best organizations actually put this into action? In this episode, Jeannie recaps some of the stories of the amazing guests we’ve had on the show.

These guests have helped to challenge how we could all be thinking about customer culture, doing things differently, collecting and acting upon feedback, and even paying customers to read books!

“Culture has to be conducive to getting the right feedback and then doing something with it.”

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Listen as Jeannie shares some highlights from business owners who are really striving for the next level in leading customer culture. Do you really understand the experience you’re trying to deliver and are you building the right culture for that?

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The definition of this thing called ‘culture’
  • The meaning behind Jeannie’s ultimate goal of creating fewer ruined days
  • One of Jeannie’s favorite stories about culture first, which leads to more loyalty and much better client feedback
  • Why the hiring process both for those who are hired and those who aren’t should reflect the kind of experience you want to deliver as well

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