Jeannie and Adam discuss how to use Customer Service Blueprinting to optimize all the working parts of your overall customer experience, and how Jeannie can train you on this amazing skill today!

Fine-tune your customer experience delivery with customer service blueprinting

We’ve talked a lot about customer journey mapping and other amazing tools on this show, so it’s time to talk about the next tool in your customer experience toolbox: Customer Service Blueprinting.

Taking stock of your behind-the-scenes operations as they relate to the experience delivered is a powerful way to understand not only what’s happening in your customer service, but how it happens. You’ll also uncover who is accountable and what needs to happen for the experience to run like a well-oiled machine.

Customer Service Blueprinting: “It’s not just about what we want to happen, but how to make it happen.” -Jeannie Walters

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Customer Service Blueprinting is an amazing way to make these observations and inform critical improvements, so Jeannie has created a LinkedIn Learning course to show you how. The latest in Jeannie’s ongoing series of customer experience courses, Customer Service Blueprinting outlines the process in easy steps, then leaves you with templates to help you hit the ground running!

What’s more, using your Service Blueprint together with Customer Journey Map (also a popular topic in Jeannie’s LinkedIn Learning series) adds some serious “ka-pow!” for fine-tuning your overall customer experience.

Want to learn more about Customer Service Blueprinting, and what to expect in Jeannie’s courses? Then listen in and get started today!

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Planning your customer service inflection points from Customer Service Blueprinting by Jeannie Walters

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