Adam and Jeannie discuss the rapid evolution of chatbots across industries and how to make the best decisions around existing and emerging chatbot technology.

Chatbots are the new black

Chatbots are taking the world by storm! They’ve made their way into foodservice, retail, SaaS, and more. Typically, we catch on pretty fast when interacting with a chatbot. But with Artificial Intelligence making leaps and bounds every day, that could be changing soon!

“It’s about the entire journey. It’s not just about that one thing.” -@jeanniecw

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And it won’t be long before these amazing new capabilities enter the main stream. In fact, that kind of technology is becoming more accessible and affordable to smaller companies every day. So, how can your company benefit from an ai chat bot?

To bot, or not to bot…that is the question!

There’s no easy answer to this, but taking a look at how this technology is being used today and how new features and capabilities are rolling out will help you find your answer.

“Our human assets are only as good as the intelligence and the information they have.” -@adamtoporek

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Jeannie and Adam have been watching these trends for you, so they’ve dedicated this episode to sharing some of the best and worst ways chatbots have been (and will be) used.

Here are a few things they cover:

  • Chatbots have evolved quite a bit in recent years, but does your company need to take advantage?
  • What are some new ways you may leverage chatbot technology in the future?
  • And more importantly, how can you make your chatbots a seamless and satisfying part of the customer journey?

Listen in for chatbot do’s and do not’s from two of the most respected names in customer service and customer experience, right here on Crack the Customer Code!

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