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In this powerful interview, bestselling author Scott McKain shares the secrets behind brands and leaders who go beyond differentiation to become iconic.

About Scott McKain

Scott McKain is a globally recognized authority on how iconic organizations and professionals create the distinction required to attract and retain customers and employees — and stand out in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

His latest book, “ICONIC: How Organizations and Leaders Attain, Sustain, and Regain the Highest Level of Distinction” was recently released to rave reviews.

Scott’s expertise has been quoted multiple times in USA Today, the New York Times, Wall St. Journal, and International Herald-Tribune.

Arnold Schwarzenegger booked him for a presentation at the White House with the President in the audience, and Scott played the villain in a movie named by esteemed critic Roger Ebert as one of the “fifty greatest movies in the history of cinema,”.

With a client list that represents the world’s most distinctive companies – like Apple, SAP, Merrill Lynch, BMW, Cisco, CDW, Fidelity, John Deere and literally hundreds more – Scott McKain was honored with induction along with Zig Ziglar, Seth Godin, Dale Carnegie and just twenty more in the “Sales and Marketing Hall of Fame.” And of course he is also a member of “Professional Speakers Hall of Fame.”

Scott is broadly recognized as one of the most iconic platform presenters in the world — moving his hometown of Crothersville, Indiana to recently announce they are renaming the community’s main street as “Scott McKain Way.”

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Does your brand stand out in meaningful ways?

Everyone knows iconic brands like Apple, Amazon, and Porsche because they stand out in ways that not only differentiate them from competitors, but make them iconic. But these brands only represent a fraction of those who struggle to make their mark. Is your brand one of them?

Being different is one thing, but differentiating in ways that have powerful meaning to customers is another thing entirely. It’s not a simple thing that can happen by introducing some gimmick or flashy design. And it’s not something you can come up with by simply researching your competition. Rather, it is a delicate and often risky matter with lots of things to consider. In fact, it sends many brands in the wrong direction, and leaves others frozen in sameness.

Going beyond differentiation to make your brand iconic is a vexing initiative. But as we love to do on this show, we want to help you crack this code! So we brought in bestselling author Scott McKain to help you understand what really has to come together before transcending that barrier in ways that make your brand a name everyone knows and trusts.

Sharing incredible highlights and spoilers from his new book, Scott uncovers how the most iconic brands bring together all the delicate pieces that matter most to customers to stand out in ways that are simple but powerful. Learn how your culture, your storytelling, and your perspective on the true customer experience can dovetail with the concept of differentiation in ways that get your brand noticed, remembered, and even celebrated!

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

  • What are the “destroyers of distinction?” [5:00]
  • Scott shares two factors that blind leaders to these challenges, then we discuss great examples of how iconic brands get past them. [9:15]
  • Creating a bold distinction is risky! What are some ways to overcome these fears and build confidence, and what should you look out for? [14:20]
  • Spoiler alert! Scott shares generous descriptions of the four cornerstones of distinction from his book. [17:25]
  • How do iconic brands work on being iconic to multiple customer archetypes, and more importantly, staying iconic for repeat business and referrals? [23:38]

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