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Jeannie and Adam uncover the science behind consistently great customer service with Mark Colgate, author of The Science of Service.

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Mark Colgate is a Professor of Service Excellence at the University of Victoria, Gustavson School of Business. His teaching roles have taken him all over the world, including regular assignments at the China European Business School in Shanghai, the U.K., Ireland and New Zealand. An expert in customer service excellence, Mark has consulted for many service organizations including the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, TELUS, Whistler Blackcomb, Kiwi Experience, Sony, Toyota and many areas of the BC and UK government.

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Get customer service down to a science

The problem with customer service is not making it great, but making it consistently great. It is impossible to make people do, think and feel the same things. What is great for one customer may be terrible for the next, or simply may not work out the same way in every situation. So how can we know our service is always great for every customer? And more importantly, how do we hold employees accountable for this?

However impossible this may sound, Mark Colgate, Ph.D has it down to a science! In fact, his latest book is all about how you can take a scientific approach to delivering consistently great customer service.

This episode is chock-full of actionable highlights from Mark’s book, the Science of Service. Not only does he share some of his best tips and examples, but he gives you what you need to develop a framework for consistent service you can use today!

Are you ready to get consistently great customer service down to a science for your organization? Then put on your lab coat and listen in!

Here’s an overview of what Mark Colgate will teach you:

  • Not only is consistency important in customer service, but Mark explains why it is the most important. [3:23]
  • Mark shares his brilliant F.A.M.E model so you can dig in and develop your service framework. [6:53]
  • One big key to consistent service is giving customers cognitive control. Here’s how that works. [9:35]
  • What does this look like in action? Mark shares a first-hand case study and tips for rallying employees. [14:30]

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