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Jeannie and Adam riff not only on the current state of airline customer experience, but how some airlines are working (or not working) to consider the experience as part of their value proposition.

Let’s talk about the airline customer experience

Our hosts spend LOTS of time on airplanes, so they can’t help but keep an eye on the industry and make observations about the experiences delivered.

But even if you don’t travel as much as Adam and Jeannie, the travel industry is loaded with examples of how customer experience is becoming very much a part of the value proposition.

In this episode, we discuss several of the changes that are happening in the airline industry today, along with some changes many of us are crying for.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • While pricing is often relative to experience, that’s not always the case!
  • Could the restrooms get even smaller? Why, yes they can! In fact, it is happening. But why?
  • If there’s one thing about the airline customer experience that could give Jeannie PTSD, it’s this…
  • Customer Experience vs. Employee Experience: Airline employees described their company in 3 words, but the answers are shocking!
  • Are “average” pricing and experiences disappearing along with the middle class?
  • Why do Jeannie and Adam favor certain airlines over others? They often agree to disagree, and their reasons may surprise you!
  • In an industry so huge, what’s considered “great service” is often subjective. What are airlines doing about this?

Not only will this episode help you make better choices if you’re a road warrior like Adam and Jeannie, but it’s filled with tips you can apply to customer experience transformation efforts in your organization. Listen for more!

“When does the product become so much about ‘how am I treated as a customer?’” @jeanniecw Tweet this!

“Part of how we experience customer service as customers is just what WE do…” @adamtoporek Tweet this!

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