peak-end rule

Adam Toporek explains how the Peak-End Rule can make or break a customer experience in surprising ways, and how leveraging it helps you leave a more favorable impression on your customers…on purpose!

Ruling customer emotions with the Peak-End Rule

One thing we’ve covered a lot on this show is how to “wow” your customers. But we often forget that an overall wonderful experience can be filled with terrible moment-to-moment experiences, and vice-versa.

So what are your customers really feeling after the experience you’ve invested so much in? Does all the surprise and delight you add to your customer experience add up to something your customers will really look back on favorably? It seems pretty simple, but it’s a vexing paradox even the best business leaders struggle to get a grip on!

This is why business leaders need not only to understand the Peak-End Rule, but to bake it into our customer experience strategies.

What do you want customers to remember you for, and are you really approaching this the right way? What are the emotional high and low points in your customer experience, and more importantly, which will customers remember you for?

In our last episode, bestselling author Shaun Belding explained there’s more than one kind of “Wow” in customer experiences. So understanding the Peak-End rule goes a long way in helping you make the difference between inspiring customers to say “Wow, let’s do that again!” vs “Wow, that stunk to high heaven!” 

Listen in for Adam’s expert tips to take charge of these critical emotional tipping points. 

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