The Journey to Wow

Adam and Jeannie unlock your potential to create and deliver ever-improving customer experiences with Shaun Belding, CEO of The Belding Group and author of The Journey to Wow.

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Shaun Belding has been in the customer experience space for 27 years.  (Pretty amazing, since he claims to be only 32 years old…) He is CEO of the Belding Group of companies – an award-winning global customer experience consulting and customer service training company.  He is a bestselling author of six books, published internationally in 12 languages, including the just-released The Journey to WOW.

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Are you on your Journey to Wow?

Leaders everywhere say they want to “wow” their customers. So they create new processes and experiences that look great from within the walls of their organizations. Then they find out customers are saying “wow, that was… awful!” But who hasn’t said that more than once? We all know there are two kinds of “wow,” so why do we forget about this when creating customer experiences?

Shaun Belding, CEO of the Belding Group, understands how easy it is to miss the mark when creating memorable customer experiences. In fact, his latest book is all about how to create these “wow” experiences without losing sight of customer emotions and what “wow” really means to them.

It starts with defining what “wow” really means within the context of your customer experiences, and how that fits into your culture and processes. Then you must realize there’s no end-game where the experience is great, and anticipate the next improvement.

In this interview, Shaun breaks down his approach not only to defining the different kinds of “wow” in your experience, but how to put that into a context that’s actually useful, then discover where you need to focus. So we hope listen in then say “Wow, I am so glad I listened to this episode!”

Interview Highlights

  • What inspired Shaun to write The Journey to Wow in a parable format? [3:00]
  • What’s at stake when leaders seek to create “wow” experiences, and more importantly, how can Shaun’s approach fix that? [6:15]
  • Complacency is a huge enemy of customer experience strategy, so how can we get ahead of it? [16:00]

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