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Adam and Jeannie discuss the apparent decline in trust of word of mouse and how businesses and consumers are navigating the misinformation associated with online reviews.

Navigating the new Word of Mouse

Positive word of mouth can be very powerful in driving sales and forging loyalty. Today, with most demographics having easy access to many internet options, marketers have caught on to the fact that interested customers almost always go online to find what they want. And the first thing that potential customers check is-online reviews, of course. But because marketers know this, review sites and forums are becoming rife with fake reviews. For example, it’s been said recently that up to one-third of reviews on TripAdvisor are fake.

However, it’s not just TripAdvisor we’re talking about here. There’s a huge market for fake reviews, and some marketers have started using “review farms” and other clever (or not-so-clever) ways to sneak them into giants like Amazon. As a result, customers are trusting word of mouse, or online reviews, less and less.

So, is word of mouse as a means to influence customers on the decline? Yes and no…

As businesses find more ways to exploit customers’ dependence on online reviews, customers are becoming more savvy in determining which reviews to trust. In fact, they’re finding ways to share more trustworthy information on platforms where the businesses in question have less control.

In today’s episode, Jeannie and Adam explore what is driving this shift and what it means for your business. How can you approach reviews in the age of fake word of mouse? Will your genuinely stellar online reviews get lost in the din?

Listen in and put your money where your mouse is!

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