Customer Journey Mapping

Jeannie Walters CCXP gives you the 101 on customer journey mapping so you can stop stalling and start making a difference today.

Customer Journey Mapping: What’s holding you back?

When the subject of customer journey mapping comes up, we often think of gorgeous, robust maps that take forever to complete. Then we think of how much work that must be, how enormous our customer journey is, and ultimately, how we don’t have the time or money for all that. Saying this though, with the help of technology and software that enables methods like mobile attribution, keeping track of customer’s journey may not be as difficult as you initially thought.

But that’s why many business leaders miss out on the amazing “A-Ha!” moments and opportunities that only come from a customer journey mapping project. It’s too easy to get hung up on the deliverable itself, when it’s actually the project, the “doing” of customer journey mapping, that makes the magic happen.

What’s more, customer journey mapping is typically seen as a huge project that takes forever. “How can we map the entire customer journey? It’s enormous! And we have so. Many. Customer Segments…”

Stop right there. You don’t have to map the entire journey of every customer. You don’t have to consider every customer at once and create a giant monster that eats up all your time and money. And more importantly, you don’t have to worry about making it pretty.

In this episode, Jeannie gives you the 101 on journey mapping so you can get started right away, no matter who your customers are or what your situation is.

Customer journey mapping doesn’t have to be huge and expensive to spark action that makes a real difference, so don’t let the beautiful maps you see online dictate what your map should be like. Listen in to learn more about Jeannie’s fully-adaptable “can-do” approach!

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