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Adam and Jeannie discuss how to overcome the pitfalls and challenges of developing a business model around entrepreneurship with Danny Schuman, author of “The Worst Business Model” and founder of Twist.

About our guest

Danny Schuman is a writer, marketer, and entrepreneur who has spent his career creating ideas to solve challenges. He founded marketing consultancy Twist in January 2009, working with big and small brands to develop successful brand strategy, focus their message, and bring that message to the right people with great marketing materials.

Before founding Twist, Danny wrote and creative directed marketing campaigns that helped build iconic brands like Quaker Oatmeal, Coors Light, and Gatorade. He and Michael Jordan started working on Gatorade on the same day. Michael called Danny “Peanut Butter Jelly Boy,” but that’s a story for another time. His #1 best-selling book The Worst Business Model in the World: A New Kind of Guide for a New Kind of Entrepreneur is available on Amazon!

Connect with Danny

Do entrepreneurs need to have a business model?

As entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners, we tend to follow our passions and go with our guts on everything. But sooner or later, we must develop a business model or scaling becomes difficult… or even impossible!

It’s tough to develop standards and policies when thus far, we’ve surrounded ourselves with great people, done whatever we do best, and it’s all been working out. While it can feel like we don’t need a business model, serving more clients and maintaining solid relationships with them becomes incredibly difficult.

But how can we develop guidelines and rules without losing touch with the passion that brought us here in the first place?

As an entrepreneur who beat the odds, Danny Schuman has been asked this question many times, so it inspired him to write a book! In fact, he dug in and interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs to find the best ways to develop a business model while staying engaged with customers and offering the best possible experiences.

In this episode, we learn some great ways to stay positive and focused, put a method behind our madness, and more importantly, leverage what’s been working for us in ways that are scalable.

Interview Highlights

  • Danny’s book is called “The Worst Business Model in the World,” but why do people need to know about that? [2:51]
  • What does UDOT stand for, and more importantly, how does it help entrepreneurs when things go wrong? [6:00]
  • Why dedicate a chapter to hugging clients, and how does it relate to customer experience? [10:14]
  • What does it mean to be unapologetically loyal? [12:59]
  • If it’s really the worst business model, then why on earth do we all do this to ourselves!? [16:27]

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