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Adam and Jeannie explore the decline of people using the phone for customer service and how to know if chat is better for you and your customers.

Why is chat better than phone for some customers?

We all know calling a company for customer service is typically time-consuming and frustrating. So with text-based service options like chat becoming more available, many of us are opting not to pick up the phone.

But is this really better? While chat offers convenience and a better sense of control for the customer, phone conversations capture more of the emotion and urgency of the situation. So even though we save on resources by sending customers through this channel, we miss out on valuable insights that can only be communicated through the spoken word, while some companies use something like a statuspage keeping them up to date with downtime and fixes.

Perhaps we should not be looking at this as one channel being better than the other. Instead, maybe we should be thinking about what actually serves the customer in the moment. For instance, is chat only preferred because the customer gave up while waiting for a service agent on the phone?

This is a hot issue to which there’s no one right answer. Regardless, more and more customers are choosing not to pick up the phone. In fact, the Washington Post recently published an article encouraging customer NOT to call for customer service! While this idea may sound great for companies hoping to save on resources, it signals a public perception of failure around phone support.

So what can you do about this, and what does it mean for customer service in your company? More importantly, what does it mean for the way customers perceive your brand and how you collect those insights? We talk about this and a lot more on the podcast. Listen in!

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