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Joshua March, bestselling author and Founder of Conversocial, shares how social media messaging helps create better customer experiences while cutting customer service costs. For many businesses, social media has become the new way of marketing. These social media platforms help companies to interact and engage with their customers easily. Of course, before you can consider interacting with your customers, you need to build an online presence first. To begin building their audiences, many companies will purchase some followers to get their account going. If you’re looking to do something similar, you could use nitreo for your insta. That should help you to build your Instagram account, ensuring that more people follow it and engage with your posts. From there, it’s likely that you’ll be receiving more direct messages and questions through social media. Social media is one of the best ways to interact with your customers, so be sure to create social media platforms.

About our guest

Joshua March founded Conversocial in 2009 based on his vision that online communication and customer service were undergoing fundamental shifts, requiring businesses to invest in new processes and technologies to manage the rapidly shifting social landscape.

A leading proponent of social media, Joshua previously founded leading social application company iPlatform, one of the world’s first Facebook Preferred Developers, which was acquired in 2012. Having started his career in London, Joshua is now based in New York where he leads the US operations of Conversocial, as well as a global strategy. And he is now the author of the new book Message Me, a book on the future of customer service.

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Customer service efficiency through social media messaging

Besides the fact that customers want help via social media messaging, it’s cheaper, faster and more efficient that traditional channels. But most companies have yet to adopt it as a core channel for customer service and communication in general.

These channels aren’t going away, friends. In fact, 8 billion business-to-consumer messages are sent via Facebook messenger monthly, and this number has grown 4 times past 12 months.

So we invited Joshua March, Founder of Conversocial, to discuss the benefits and challenges of adopting social media messaging as a primary method of communication, both internally and with customers.

Josh not only explains why social messaging is important and here to stay, but he shares great examples of companies using social media messaging in ways that provide faster, more efficient customer service while saving big money on communications. For example, one company has moved up to 60% of their customer service communications to social messaging.

You can do this too! You can handle customer service more efficiently and consistently via social media messaging than any other. As a result, you will save money, bolster public perception, CSAT, NPS and more. Listen in!

Interview Highlights

  • If apps have made so many things easier, then why is customer service is still not where it needs to be? [4:50]
  • What is a “conversational relationship,” and more importantly, how can brands create and maintain that type of relationship? [9:05]
  • Messaging is all over the place these days, so what kinds of apps should we be focusing on for today’s customers? [11:32]
  • What are the short-term and long-term pros and cons of making messaging a core method of business communication? [13:15]
  • Having a quick customer service response time has helped many brands with public perception, so Joshua shared his favorite examples of brands who have done this well. [16:31]

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