Adam and Jeannie discuss an innovative approach to resolving collaboration issues and working together harmoniously with Alan Schaefer, CEO and Founder of Banding People Together.

About our guest

Alan Schaefer is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Banding People Together, a super group of behaviorists, strategists and rock stars who teach people how to be their best selves when working with others.  He created Banding’s True Collaboration® framework and methodology which includes a behavioral instrument called The Collaborative Harmony Index.  He has been described as “a maestro of human capital excellence” and brings his unique perspective as a successful entrepreneur, author, recording artist, songwriter and consultant to his current work.  A few of Banding’s global clients include NASA, Netflix, Cisco, ADP, Hilton, ESPN and Verizon.

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Take collaboration to the next level, then ROCK it!

If you work as part of a collaborative team, then you know collaboration can be rough. But don’t beat yourself up! Even when there’s a solid process, collaborating effectively is rarely an effort that just falls into place.

It’s easy to think putting more heads together means cranking out better results more efficiently. But having faced incredible collaborative challenges as a band member, Alan Schaefer understands why collaboration poses additional challenges and causes friction among team members.

So Alan decided to change this for organizational teams. He has developed his own methodology to not only help them collaborate better, but to do so in a way that’s repeatable. And you’re not going to believe how he achieves this!

Through collaborative songwriting exercises, Alan helped large organizations strengthen corporate teambuilding, gain a better sense of self-awareness, and direct different types of thinkers towards collaborative roles where their contributions are most effective.

Using Alan’s own Collaborative Harmony Index, organizations assess their strengths and weaknesses, then learn how to work together better. They discover how to be more efficient, productive, and most of all, be a part of a culture that creates better customer experiences.

We’re talking about ways everyone can work towards rapid alignment between leadership, goals and team-members here, but in ways you’ve never heard of. But the best part is that you don’t have to record a hit single to put Alan’s amazing insights to work for you today. So if you want to create a healthier, more effective approach towards collaboration, this episode will be music to your ears!

Interview Highlights

  • Alan explains the challenges of collaborating in a band, then how he applied that to helping big brands increase performance. [4:55]
  • Songwriting is a powerful tool for helping teams collaborate, but how does it work? [7:05]
  • If Alan’s methodology helps teams work better internally, then can it be applied to working better with customers too? [11:26]
  • There’s always an overzealous participant in any group, so how does Alan keep them in check? [14:55]
  • What is the Collaborative Harmony Index Diagnostic, and more importantly, how can listeners use it? [16:16]
  • Alan recommends a songwriting skill we can all apply to increase success not only in collaborative efforts, but our own sense of harmony. [20:00]

Psst… Don’t forget to take Alan’s free Collaborative Harmony Index Assessment!

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