• Target Canada’s “supply chain disaster”
  • Erin Wallace, Global Manager, Customer Experience, John Deere
  • Poor customer satisfaction is a slippery slope for Wal-Mart!


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Erin Wallace of John Deere Podcast InterviewGoing global? Tread lightly.

Target Canada is a recent example of an unexpected failure and shows some of the challenges of going global!

What went wrong?

Jeannie and Adam discuss some of the issues with going big and crossing borders.

Discussion begins at 1:29.

Erin Wallace, Global Manager, Customer Experience, John Deere

Erin shares how John Deere, a multi-generational brand in the United States, gets to know new local markets all over the world. Hear about how the color green is not always welcome, how they partner with their dealer partnership to make meaningful connections, and lessons learned over the last two decades of introducing this iconic brand around the world.

Erin’s honest and candid conversation is a must-listen for anyone challenged with going global in today’s marketplace.

Discussion begins at 6:39.

Customer Hero, Customer Zero: Wal-Mart’s concerning customer satisfaction trends

While Wal-Mart is the case study, this is really a warning cry for any organization that doesn’t pay attention when customer satisfaction rates are dropping!

Wal-Mart’s customer satisfaction rates are the lowest they’ve been since 2007, plus their sales growth has stalled.

Hear how Jeannie & Adam see this as a warning to companies of all kinds.

Discussion begins at 20:42.

People, Places, and Things from the Podcast:

Guest Speaker / People

  • Erin’s a B2B/ B2C CX leader, focused on enabling John Deere & it’s dealers to deliver a distinctive customer experience that earns customers for generations. A farm girl at heart, she enjoys working hard and playing harder with her husband & children in Kansas City. Connect with Erin: LinkedInTwitter
  • John Deere
  • Target Canada Closes Stores

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