customer experience change agent

Jeannie shares the best ways to become a powerful force for positive change in your organization as an in-house customer experience change agent.

Who is the customer experience change agent for your organization?

Organizational change is not easy, especially when it involves becoming customer-centric. While leaders mean well by making this the focus of a town hall meeting or a banner on the wall, business as usual takes precedence and these great ideas fade into the background.

Finding different ways to make the announcement is not enough. In fact, when organizations try this over and over, teams stop taking it seriously and therefore, stop trying. Your next round of “let’s become more customer-centric” may do more harm than good!

You need a customer experience change agent. You need a superstar who will advocate for customers in meetings. More importantly, you need someone who will evangelize for customer-focused practices through challenging times. And since you care enough to listen to this podcast, there’s a good chance that someone is you!

But you’re just one person, right? What can you do on your own to get the ball rolling? Jeannie is here to get you started with three big themes:

  1. Go big!
  2. Find quick CX wins
  3. Gather your champions

It’s a tall order, but you can do it!

You’re the force your organization needs for positive change, but you need to roll up your sleeves and own it. Listen in to learn how!

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