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Adam and Jeannie offer customer-centric alternatives to common customer service phrases that seem innocent but tend to trigger negative emotions.

Are these customer service phrases causing unnecessary friction?

Communication can be difficult, especially in customer service situations. But we know this, so we try hard to maintain a positive tone for customers. However, there are many words and phrases we hear in customer service situations that may not always be interpreted the way we expect.

When you stop to think about them, some of these words and phrases are annoying, nonsensical, vague, patronizing, judgmental, or simply just poor choices of words. However, many of them have become so ingrained in our culture, we often take for granted that they’ve lost their literal meanings.

As a result, what you’re trying to communicate can be completely different than how it makes your customer feel, creating unnecessarily negative emotional responses. So it’s important to identify these poor phrases and eliminate them from your service vocabulary!

In this episode, Jeannie and Adam identify a few of common “rogue” customer service phrases that seem deceptively positive. More importantly, they have tips to help you change your behavior and leave customers feeling as good about the interaction as you intend.

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