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Adam and Jeannie share tips and insights around succeeding with, rather than dealing with, difficult customers. Plus, we’re introducing Adam’s new course to help you become a pro at this!

If you’re dealing with difficult customers, that’s your first mistake.

Dealing with difficult customers properly has always been one of the biggest challenges customer service teams face. In fact, it’s a sensitive issue that vexes leaders and employees throughout many organizations.

But what if dealing with difficult customers wasn’t an issue? Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in your organization understood the neuroscience and biology behind what makes them difficult in the first place? Then the emphasis could be on succeeding with them, instead of just reacting and neutralizing their pain (and yours!)

That’s why we’re delighted to introduce Adam’s upcoming course, “How to Deal with Difficult Customers.” Adam has dug deep into the neuroscience and biology behind customer emotions, so he can teach you and your team to rock these negative situations. More importantly, you’ll gain such a great understanding of what makes a difficult customer difficult, your team can focus more on proactively ushering difficult (or would-be difficult) customers into a mutually-successful experience.

So in this episode, Adam and Jeannie decided to give you a sneak peek under the hood and highlight what Adam’s course is all about! They’ve shared great tips and insights you can use today, plus exclusive details about the course and what’s inside.

Are you ready to stop “dealing with” difficult customers and create a strategy that helps differentiate your brand and retain more customers? Then you’ll want to listen to this episode, and take advantage of the early sign-up discount!

You’re entitled to 50% off!

That’s right, if you sign up early to get notified when Adam’s course launches, you’ll pay only half, and there’s no immediate obligation. So why wait?

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