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Adam tells a customer experience horror story about a good product surrounded by a nightmarish customer journey. The scary part is that your brand could be doing this to customers!

Your good product won’t save the day

Your product is an absolute dream. Bravo! But what about the experience around it? Is your really good product or service alone enough to forge loyalty? Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Perhaps in the old days of having limited choices, a new choice that saves a few dollars or a few minutes would have had customers sold for life. But nowadays, customers typically have lots of choices. As a result, they’re demanding better experiences from the brands that deliver these products and services.

But don’t take my word for it! Adam has a special story to share with you, and you’re not going to believe the horrible experience surrounding the great product that was delivered. In fact, this experience left him wishing he had spent the extra time and money doing things the “old way.”

As you push for innovation, higher quality or filling unmet needs, what about the other needs customers have? More importantly, could you be creating experiences that negate the “ooh-aah” factor you’ve set out to cash in on? Listen to Adam’s story and tips to prevent you from creating experiences that make customers want to sleep with the lights on.

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