Jeannie and Adam interview Neen James, global speaker and bestselling author, to expose the difference between intentional and transactional attentions, and how that difference is vital to your success in business and beyond.

About our guest

Neen James is the author of Folding Time™ and Attention Pays™. In 2017, she was named one of the Top 30 Leadership Speakers by Global Guru because of her work with companies like Viacom, Comcast, and Abbot Pharmaceuticals among others.

She has boundless energy, is quick-witted and always offers powerful strategies for paying attention to what matters so you can get more done and create more significant moments at work, and home.

Neen is the kind of speaker that engages, educates, entertains, and delivers the real-world solutions that apply in your organization, your home, and your community. She also provides one-on-one consulting in a variety of leadership topics and loves serving her audiences.

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Are you paying attention where it really counts?

Tracking attention is big business these days. In fact, companies are investing a lot into learning how customers scan web pages, walk through stores, and more.

But what is your attention worth? Moreover, what is your attention worth to customers? We like to think we give our customers the attention they need and deserve, but are we really giving them the kind of attention that makes them want to come back and bring friends?

It’s not quite as simple as making sure the customer journey is smooth and enjoyable, so Author and Speaker Neen James is here to help us understand the difference between transactional attention and intentional attention. And more importantly, she shares the many ways it pays to give more meaningful human attention to those you interact with.

But we also need to consider how much we’re asking people to pay attention to. Sadly, we have websites chock-full of calls to action, stores loaded with deals and “outgoing” sales people, then when we connect one-to-one, we want to tell them everything. And in this digital age, it’s getting harder to see and hear meaningful messages above the din.

And this isn’t just about business! In fact, Neen goes on to explain that we’re at a time when paying intentional attention is critical to our social well-being, our goals in the community, and the state of our global environment.

Using great examples and the best highlights from her book, Neen shared invaluable insights into how to use our energy more wisely when engaging on all fronts – for a better business, a better staff, a better life, and a better world. So we really hope you’ll listen in (and pay attention!)

Interview Highlights

  • What is the commercialization of attention, and more importantly, what does it mean when Neen says “Attention Pays?” [3:27]
  • How can we design employees’ attention and focus into the customer journey? [8:47]
  • Being attentive is very nice, but what does it mean for business results? [11:00]
  • We ask people to do things for us, but how can we make sure they’re still in the moment with us, so attention continues to pay? [16:58]

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