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Jeannie and Adam explore the innovative retail experience created by STORY and how you can surprise your own customers with unexpected value in the in-store shopping experience.

Is your retail experience a welcome surprise?

As we’ve mentioned before in this show, retail as we once knew it is in peril. Shoppers enjoy 2-day shipping and the ability to browse a colossal selection from wherever they are, so it’s no surprise retailers like Kmart and Toys R Us are nearing the end of their days.

But what is a surprise is that brick-and-mortar retail is not truly dead for innovative companies that find ways to add extra value for those who are still willing to gas up and make the trip. Whether it is store owners looking for unique ideas for retail signage, or providing an innovative shopping experience that can entice customers, exploration is key to the sustenance of the brick and mortar industry in today’s digital world.

This kind of shopping is full of surprises like “Oh, my…These lines are long” or “Oh, snap! This is the last one and it’s broken!” But what if we add surprises that really make customers WANT to come see us in person?

That’s what brands like STORY are doing, and the results have been incredible. So incredible, in fact, that asked their Founder Rachel Schectman was asked to help bring these surprises to the shopping experience at Macy’s. They know that to secure a future in IRL shopping, the physical retail experience has to offer something you just can’t get online.

But this kind of evolution is not easy! What would it mean for your store’s footprint, and how will that affect things like rent, building and fire codes, or zoning laws? More importantly, how will the new experiences fit in with the digital experiences you offer? Then how will people even know these exciting changes are happening?

Do your customers like surprises?

More importantly, what kind of surprises will make them want to come back and bring their friends? Join us today as Jeannie and Adam explore bold opportunities to create a surprising retail experience your customers will want to get dressed and hit the pavement for.

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